Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Online Calendaring Tool - For Maintaining Smooth Online Training Operations

Being a trainer, you will always want a processed and organized schedule for your training programs and the clients. This is an important aspect for administering a smooth operation. Time, which is a precious element for all of us, becomes more valuable for the trainers, whose sole business relies on the number of the clients that they are serving and the amount of time, they are dedicating to each trainee. However, maintaining an online training sessions and schedules can be an intimidating job. Traditionally, most trainers and instructors tracked the appointments and schedules, using pens and notebooks. But this method will not benefit anymore, due to the increasing complexities in the businesses and will fail to collect and record the training notes for each session separately. Here comes the usage of the online calendaring tool.
As the present economic scenario is compelling the corporate companies and organization to streamline their operations and curtail the costs, trainers are also not lacking behind in their respective arena. As the cloud-based training management solution offers the online scheduling tool within a typical secured environment, trainers can easily evade the costs of buying expensive software. Other than this, the solution offers online accessibility, to both the trainers and trainees.
Users benefit:
Whether you are a fitness instructor or an educational trainer or a corporate coach, the tool will accurately fit every operation and will make the session more convenient for the clients. The individual trainers are not only the gainers; it can eventually serve many trainers in large and big organizations.
· Send emails and remainders:
Follow up process is very important for keeping the trainees updated about the forthcoming sessions. The tool will help you in sending automated emails and reminders to your clients, so that they do not fail to attend the important classes.
· Add relevant information:
The tool helps you to add up important and relevant information such as dates and timings related to your training classes and make the necessary changes, when required. Thus, the trainees can view the necessary updates online and act accordingly. You can also add the information about the training courses and conduct the registration online.
· Categorize your calendars:
The interesting tool offered by the solution will help you to categorize your training sessions in multiple sub-calendars. Thus, trainees can refine their search and register for the appropriate course or program, accordingly.
Thus, the calendaring tool can help the trainers, to enhance management in conducting course sessions and enables them to simplify the scheduling methods, to offer convenient experience to the trainees.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Engineering College

One of the greatest and most rewarding professions in the world is engineering. Engineering has etched its subtle presence in every sphere of human activity right from communication to medicine, from travel solutions to leisure activities. What makes engineering so interesting is the amount of opportunities and possibilities available at every step. Research, development, design, manufacture, maintenance, products and services are some of the vistas open to engineers within the wide spectrum of the engineering profession. It is a satisfying profession involving intellectually challenging tasks which ultimately gives job satisfaction to an individual. Engineering allows one to use creative judgement in solving complex and fascinating problems.
Engineering is a dynamic profession which thrives on change. It aims in making processes simpler, efficient and innovative. While new technologies and processes are being developed all the time, the truthful fact is that applications for these new developments are simply limitless. Engineering offers the flexibility and choice that no other profession can match.
Further, increasing globalisation has ensured the spread of technology to all frontiers of the globe. The resulting changing employment patterns and conditions have ensured that engineering has continued to be a monetarily rewarding profession. An engineering career has thus become a truly international one.
A professional engineering degree is the passport to rapid career progress and the first step towards specialization in any field. It is an acknowledged fact that graduates with an engineering background stand a better chance of becoming future CEOs and COOs in any company.
Once science group students complete their high school in India, the race for obtaining a seat in one of the top engineering colleges starts. The best engineering colleges have their own entrance exams while other groups of colleges have a common entrance test. Every college wants to ensure that they have the brightest minds in their campus.
Every educational institution strives to offer the best facilities so that their students become all round individuals in future. What separate the wheat from the chaff are the available facilities, college location, research activities, faculty qualification and placement assistance.
One of the notable engineering colleges in Villupuram Tamil Nadu is the E.S College of engineering.
E.S. College of Engineering and Technology was set up with the sanction of the Government of Tamil Nadu and approval of All India Council for Technical Education, New Delhi with the aim of offering high quality educational, research and training programmes in science, engineering, technology and management at graduate, post-graduate and doctoral levels. The college has launched out-reach programmes for the promotion of socio-economic standards of various communities through extra- mural programmes.
High quality education is imparted to students at an affordable cost to ensure the overall socio-economic development of society. The college has a ragging free campus and team work is encouraged from day one. Staff and students are involved in extra-curricular activities to gain life skills and understanding. Sports activities are also actively encouraged and specially trained coaches give systematic training in various disciplines like football, cricket etc. Many students from this college have participated and won competition in the district, state and zone level.
The Training & Placement Cell assists the students to get placements in reputed organizations. It provides career guidance to the students and trains them on soft-skills to make them employable. Many reputed organizations visit E.S. Engineering College for campus selection. The placement record of the college is quite impressive.
The industrial and economic success of a nation is firmly rooted in its engineering base and the skills and ingenuity of its professional engineers. Educational institutions truly contribute to shaping the human mind and excellent colleges like the E.S engineering college are ensuring that India is on the right track of progress.
The industrial and economic success of a nation is firmly rooted in its engineering base and the skills and ingenuity of its professional engineers. Educational institutions truly contribute to shaping the human mind and excellent colleges like the E.S engineering college are ensuring that India is on the right track of progress.